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hi i'm laura and i embody the spirit of every geeky ass white boy on the planet it's nice to meet you (icon credit)

Hi again, everyone! As you may or may not know, my name is Laura Wu and I’m a sophomore film major at Emerson College. I’m currently the executive producer on an independent film project called “Train of Thought, and I could really get a lot of help on it!

The film, “Train of Thought,” is being undertaken by college students from Emerson, NYU, Pratt, and Berklee School of Music, and it attempts to explore a young girl’s “train of thought” towards suicide in a lush, chaotic, visual metaphor. The title, “Train of Thought,” refers to the idea that when such thoughts set in, it’s very hard to derail this train of thinking. We’re hoping that not only will this be a great artistic endeavor, but that it will also reach out to kids who are also in a hard place and letting them know that they’re not alone and that things can get better.

What can you do to help this film be realized, you ask? Well, since we are college students, we don’t have any money that we can spare to actually make this film happen, but thanks to crowd-funding nowadays, more and more artists, innovators, and developers can go forth with their endeavors without any start-up money. Therefore, we’ve put up an Indiegogo campaign, hoping that this will spark interest in the film and allow those who want to see it come alive give their support! We have a lot of great perks available, so you will definitely be able to benefit from the campaign’s success.

This is the chance to be involved with something really incredible. As I’ve said before, we’re hoping to really reach out to kids and spark a change in the way people talk about suicide. We’ll also be sending this film to festivals when it’s done, so hopefully, if all pans out correctly, you’ll be able to say you donated to an award-winning film!

If you can’t donate any money, that’s completely fine — just spreading the word about our project is something we’ll be very, very appreciative for. Every little bit of support counts!

Thank you so much for reading, and please check out the links below!

Go to our Indiegogo campaign!


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