[lady lazarus]
hi i'm laura and i embody the spirit of every geeky ass white boy on the planet it's nice to meet you (icon credit)

well it was my script for writing the feature film class, and he asked me if i write a lot, and i said yeah, and he was like, “ok…because your writing sounds like you’re inexperienced, your story is really interesting and i can’t get into it because of the writing. you really need to go and utilize the writing center.”

and i mean yeah i’m not saying i’m the best writer in the class, and perhaps my writing is really suited for scriptwriting, but i don’t think i’m inexperienced at writing at all???? i’ve been writing since i was 15 and on a pretty consistent basis??? he literally told no one else in the class to go to the writing center???? i’m not mad at him at all like he’s a really great/chill teacher and i can see where he’s coming from but wow i’m really flummoxed

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